Best Moments

♡ When I reached my 28th, Jemi celebrated my birthday at 00.01. He lighted a candle on the box of Sony Erricsson walkman series 😙He sang along with his awkward voice. We didn’t have any children yet.


♡ When I reached my 29th, Jemi bought a chocolate tart cake. He went home earlier, put off the light, and we sang happy birthday together😙

♡ We had a fight someday. He kept arguing and I kept listening. I needed to keep my promise that I will stop arguing my craps. Women did talk like bubbles right? 😅
I cried the whole day and he didn’t say sorry. It’s ok actually, no need a fake puk puk, he just made his days full of repentance. I could see that and that’s enough.

♡ He was very angry when I finished the laundry. I have an everlasting allergy, sometimes I have to walk carefully cause a single pace will hurt my wounded feet. Jemi is emphatic for it😇

♡ We saw some best and unique marriage proposals on TV, such as delivered by the dolphins, by the swimmer in the seaworld, etc.
“Why didn’t you propose me like that?” I joked.
“Blaah…” he answered reluctantly 😈
However, I can’t forget the day he said that he wanted to have children from me. I don’t remember when exactly, but it’s only a few weeks we decided as couple (not married yet).

♡ I sleep like a dead. When Moldy and Shena had ‘some business’ at night, Jemi was oftenly the first to move while I mumbled during my sleep 😈. Sometimes I think, am I half-mother and Jemi fills in the other part? Hihihi, no mother is perfect. What a plead!!!

♡ “Aaargh…” I grumbled.
“What happened?” Jemi asked.
“Moldy buys another Hulk. He has four kinds of Hulk now.”
“He also has two Ironman, right?”
“Two Wolverine.”
“Three or more Batman.”
“Aaargh, you only said hmm. Why does he  need the same character?” I started to get furious.
“I don’t know,” he replied ordinarily :evil:.
“We could actually celebrate the Star Wars trend. But the helmet is the only thing left from Darth Vader,” I had another grumble.
“I don’t know…”
Jemi bought some toys for Moldy and Shena. Most of them were lego, as Moldy wished. They were excited together to pile up into a story, then goodbye after the whiles 😤

Moldy’s superheroes

♡ Some part of our house was renovated when Shena was still two. The bathroom was, so we all had to take a bath in the washing room, doorless.
“Did you take a bath in the doorless room?” Jemi asked, after the work.
“Did you close the front door so that nobody could see you?”
I looked at him, wonderfully 😐
“No, I opened the door and I felt like a new dancing queen in the bikini,” I joked, of course.
I wasn’t that lunatic, but Jemi thought I was 😈
“Soo, he was jealous and worried with the renovating man?” Mamak asked, scornfully.
I smiled like an idiot, in love.
“How did he have to get jealous over a skinny woman like you?” Mamak continued her scorn and then laughed 👿
“We’re skinny couple, Mak. It’s a good thing that I’m skinny, so that I won’t be too heavy to carry,” I pleaded. Hehehe…

♡ During some birthdays, he gave me Sony twice. At my last birthday, he decided to move on 😆. No more Sony.

So many stories to express actually, as long as eight years we’re together as husband and wife. Yes, our anniversary is together with Mother’s Day 🙂
Our deep commitment is as old as a second grade elementary student, so young, still long way to go.

This year, we’re broke approaching the last days and still have to implement tight money policy forward 😁😁😁 Yet, we have a bunch of smiles and loves to thank, say, and share to our heirs.

Frankly, I should celebrate my own, because he’s been trying so hard to meet my requirements. Aaah, womaaan, we are always right, right? 😇;)😈

Happy half Mother’s Day to me, cause Jemi completes the other part ☺
Happy 8th anniversary to us.
Be happy, and happier, then happiest. Amin.

I took that lovely picture from here

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