The Imaginary Lila

Moldy rubbed my belly then he acted as if he carried a baby. Shena begged mercifully so that my belly could produce another sibling for them.

“Ask your daddy!”

Jemi kept silent.
Moldy dan Shena didn’t care, they were busy with my belly 🙂

That night, Shena and I were if-ing 😆

“I really wanna have a real sister. From your belly, Bubun,” Shena started our gregarious dreams.

“Well, let’s talk about her, just think think she’s real,” I replied joyously.


Actually, I was running out of bedtime stories, hehehe 😇 Shena always gives me harder task to tell, such the story between Supik (our marsupilami doll) and the clock, the wall and Mimo (our lovely bolster), and many others which challenged me to be creative in telling stories. Therefore, talking about one ‘real’ creature would be more enthusiasting 😉

“She will be named Rara,” Shena started.

“No, no, it will be very hard for Moldy to say it,” I rejected.

“Ok, Melinda,” she has another option.

Then came Lala, Naura, and other names that stuck to someone we already knew. I finally decided her name was Lila, shorter part of Kalila.

“You know what, after I give birth to her, your daddy will be crying out loud,” I said.

“Why, Bubun?”

“Because Yayah doesn’t want any other baby in our house.”

Jemi thinks that our attention will be more parted and for Moldy, especially, can be unattended not on purpose. Meanwhile, I think that I am not busy enough now, need more challenge to finish the 24 hours better, and this housing-sh*t is sooo boring 😴😴 Oh God, here we go starting the ungratefulness again…

“I will buy her Kinderjoy,” Shena made a plan.

“Perhaps you and Moldy will make fun at her, leave her alone because she’s still very small and vulnerable, and force her to stay away from me,” I joked Shena 😄

“I am not like that, Bubun,” she pleaded herself.

“Oya I forget, you always care for the babies in our units,” I corrected.

That’s true. Shena tends to be loved by her friends and the infants, she has a natural compassion. To my own pride, hehehe, Shena is only raised by single nurture, me 😇 I do realise that parenting is a matter of citing. You DO what you want them to DO, not you say what you want them to do. Oh sorry, here we go, starting the conceitedness again 😆

“I want baby Lila to be here, right now,” Shena begged.

“Then you should pray to Allah,” I suggested.

She started whispering before the bed 🙂

The next day.
“Why is baby Lila not coming yet? Why does it take soo long? Has Allah sent you a soul?” Shena asked simultaneously.

“Be patient, my dear!”

“Does Allah know our address exactly?”

I laughed and she was waiting for my reply questionably.

“Of course, He knows everything,” I explained.

“Then why baby Lila isn’t coming yet?”

“I don’t know, He takes time to decide whether we are appropriate to have another baby, perhaps.”

“Guide me to pray better!” Shena asked seriously ☺☺

“Dear Allah, I really miss baby Lila to be part of my family. Please, get us prepared for her.”

It’s around 5-6 times I’ve prayed for Lila’s coming, on Shena’s wish. I’m not sure yet, realising that it would be another surgery, makes me headache more 😧

Jemi was on his firm expression, NO.

Will baby Lila crowd our house???

“I will only love if the baby is a girl. I don’t like baby boy,” stated Shena.


Oh great, we have more excuses to uncome the baby then 😆

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