Octo-5: Emergency In Consistency

I promised Shena to write down her activity along with the point reward. She reminded me all the time and I also forgot all the time 😯 Honestly, I was too ‘busy’ answering some messages or browsing for something in my mind. Yeah, gadget is so poisonous 😁


For some days, I followed Cheryl’s rules, to read them book everyday. Shena retold the same story, after some stories I delivered. Moldy hit me sometimes, asked me to keep quiet. It seemed my continual sounds bothered his ears. Alhamdulillah, his aid worked. Astaghfirullah, he chose not to apply it as it should. At least, Shena can retell the story to her friends and she owns some new vocabs everyday 😘. At least, again, Moldy starts to creep toward the quiet library in his school. Children nowadays, are busier with selfie, instagram or video call. We leapt the reading habit. It means, nationally reading habit never happened in this country, straightly jump to the internet era 😕

Last Ramadhan, they prayed subuh, almost everyday. Not anymore 😭

I almost never blame all on them, because parents create and have the rules. I blame my being vulnerable with stress-ban and joy-opener 😁 I am fighting with the boredom everyday and it often fails 😭


The same problem still exists. Less drama. Less brain activity. The most important thing, is less life gratitude and less self motivation. Yet, I also think it’s not time for reading any kinds of good words a.k.a. motivation. I have enough 😂

Just need a fresh air and then get back to real life. 

Time out, please 😑

Picture here

Picture-2 here

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