Octo-11: “Milk, Please!”

As Moldy and Shena grow bigger, they’re not really milk-attached like when they were toddlers. Their milk consumption is common, pacing the similar taste of their friends and public. So, whenever their friends came by, I offered milk. I don’t know how it started, but afterwards, some of their friends always asked for it :mrgreen:

“Please tell your mom, I want milk.”



“Aunty, I want milk please.”


“I want more milk (the second one).” 😆

Alhamdulillah, we still have plenty to share. Actually I don’t really think about the insuffience. Just remember the power of shodaqoh or perhaps you might be familiar with this story ☺

In a heavy snow, a poor boy stopped by in front of a house. He’s very pale and weak, due to hunger. A girl opened the door, felt pity, and then gave him a glass of warm milk. She thought it’s just milk. As the milk got the boy stronger to work, he kept this memory very well in his mind.

Years went by.
One day, this girl had become an adult woman and got a deadly cancer. No doctor could do anything for her recovery. The best doctor in town took part and she finally gained her best health. She’s afraid that she had to pay a bunch of money, since she’s very poor. The girl was surprised when she saw the bill.

“It’s been paid by a glass of warm milk in the winter.”

The doctor was the boy whom she helped out of starvation, by (merely) a glass of warm milk ☺


If I want that kind of payback, my sincerity is questioned into the deep ocean ;). However, the story does initiate the inevitable faith, that miracle will happen tremendously, even for any simplest reason 🙂

As I stated implicitly in the previous story, I wanted to have some deals with children, philantrophic things, and sort of them. I hope it’s not because I have children.

I believe in dreams, no matter how cheap it sounds to anyone 😉
I believe in unreasonable miracle, since our mind can’t reach the reasonable one for HIM to grant ☺

Do you?

Picture here

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