The Spicher

One day, Shena came home with tears. She said, her teacher yelled at whatever she asked, also made a slap at her cheek sometimes 😨 At home, Shena asked me everything and I replied well. She thought it would be the same at school. No, of course, her teacher was so ‘old-way’ 😂

Jemi and I had made a silent committment, based on our own educational past, that we wouldn’t interfere too far. I was about to get angry, but I also wanted her to face the real world. So…

“Shena, do you know Boggart?”

“What is that?”

“It’s a creature that will become anything you imagine.”

“I don’t understand, Bubun.”

“Well, there’s a boy named Ron, he’s afraid of spiders. As the cupboard opened, boggart became the spider in front of him. He’s so deadly frightened as the spider boggart came closer to him.”

Shena paid attention very well, about to screech…

“What would you if you became Ron?”

“I don’t know,” she replied.

“Boggart will be gone if you imagine happiness, fun, or everything that will make you happy or laugh.”

She kept still.

“So Ron imagined that boggart wearing wheeled-shoes. Eight of them. That spider boggart got so ruined and then gone after a while.”


Shena laughed, then got mournful shortly.

“What if my teacher got angry again at me?” She complained.

“Just think of something funny about her,” I suggested.

For some days, Shena still came home with some back clouds. I kept reminding about the funny thing to get her survived. Until yesterday…

“Today, I asked something I didn’t understand. My teacher yelled and got angry, again, as usual. But I was fine.”

“Oya, what did you do?”

“I saw her as a spider, hihihi…”

She laughed instantly, candidly 😄😄

“Great, you’ve made a point.”

Pict spider

2 thoughts on “The Spicher

  1. Ini sedikit pandangan saya. sotoy sih pastinya. aku mau taruh di message FB, tapi gak bisa, jadi kutaruh sini saja.

    Bully: bukan pilihan
    Sangat panjang. Kurang fokus, kurang koheren. Kurang “nendang”. Bisa juga “kurang nendang” ini karena artikel terlalu panjang hingga lama-lama menghambar.

    ADHD, Ya Sudahlah…
    Cukup panjang, namun karena berupa pointers lebih memberi ruang bagi pembaca untuk istirahat, atau bahkan untuk berhenti sama sekali. Penulisan sumbernya juga bagus, memberi kesempatan pembaca untuk mengulik sumber aslinya. Tulisan ini tidak terlalu melelahkan. Kelemahannya, kontekstualisasi terhadap kondisi Moldy seperti kurang sekali, padahal itu yang akan menjadi nilai tambah atau keunikan.

    Duhai Tuppermania
    Masih panjang. Yang ini lebih enak dibacanya, lebih mengalir meski tetap ada sedikit njeglek-nya di beberapa tempat. Kalau untuk tulisan promotif, punch-nya kurang. Kalau untuk tulisan yang gak niat promosi, bau promosinya tercium. Magak.

    The Spicher (maksudnya The Spider ya?)
    Bagus. Panjangnya pas. Poinnya dapat. Cara berceritanya baik. Mungkin ini bisa menjadi standar untuk tulisan-tulisan lainnya.


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