The Spicher

One day, Shena came home with tears. She said, her teacher yelled at whatever she asked, also made a slap at her cheek sometimes 😨 At home, Shena asked me everything and I replied well. She thought it would be the same at school. No, of course, her teacher was so ‘old-way’ 😂

Jemi and I had made a silent committment, based on our own educational past, that we wouldn’t interfere too far. I was about to get angry, but I also wanted her to face the real world. So…
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Octo-26: Who’s Strange?

In the public car, there are people, usually old or middle-aged women, who by coincidence looked at Moldy, from head to toe. I looked at her back to give a smile of acquaintance or just a glance, to ensure if I had a chance to start a counseling chat. Hehehe, it’s been adhered on my mind, I have to make someone know about deaf, although just one ☺

An alive butterfly brooch

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